Review Policy

                     Policy for NUML Research Journals- Year 2020


NUML will use the Open Journal System (OJS) for paper submission and review processes in all research journals. All authors, reviewers, and members of the Editorial Committee will have to register on NUML-OJS after accepting the terms and conditions in the declaration. Transparency of research papers will be ensured through double blind peer-review .

The stepwise publication process is given below in detail. 

Review Process

1. Desk Review Committee (DRC):

After the announcement all the submitted articles are fetched and reviewed by the Desk Review Committee (DRC), during the process the quality of the manuscript, scope of the subject, similarity index, and overall quality of the articles are observed. After a careful review by the Desk Review Committee, the editorial team ensures the copyrights of the article, consent for its publication, and declaration along with consent for the publication fee.


2. Internal Review:

The paper recommended by the Desk Review Committee will be sent to the approved reviewers through OJS. All manuscripts submitted to Al Basirah are sent for 'double-blind peer-review' process with an aim to produce quality research. One review is made by the national reviewer and the suggestions made by the national reviewer are incorporated by the author prior to its review by an international reviewer. No institutional (in-house) reviewers will be allowed.


International Review:

Later on, the Manuscript is sent to the international reviewer who makes an independent decision about the publication or the rejection of the article on the basis of its quality, subject matter, and scope along with the methodologies and research methods.

On final acceptance by the International reviewer(s) and necessary proofreading by the editor, the paper will be published both in hard form as well as on Al-Basirah's  OJS website.